The Romanov saga continues

It seems that I might have put a full stop on the new Žalgiris owner’s story a little soon. And after the plot took a tight turn, the ending of it can prove to be too sweet to be true. The setting of the second chapter is the Scottish capital Edinburgh, where Vladimir Romanov owns the Hearts football club.

Sounds like trouble

Romanov saw his club taken to court for unpaid taxes to other teams. The sum that is in question is not revealed, but according to the prosecutor this action was the last resort. It is said that the clubs total level of debt exceeds £30 million – that’s not good news for companies owned or related to Mr. Romanov. There are news that water was almost cut off to the club in the middle of last season after running up thousands of pounds in unpaid bills. 75 percent of Žalgiris shares belong to the businessman and they’ll have to go to sleep with one eye open, just to make sure there is no need to re-live last year’s story. Let’s wait for the boiling point and even more intriguing twists and turns in this tale.  

The Romanov saga continues

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