What’s after 12?

Let’s count together – 11, 13, 12, 11, 12… and 13? The number of teams that are expected to participate in LKL has been changing almost on daily basis, it might end up that after I have happily set the final number of teams competing in the 2009/2010 season at a dozen it is likely to change again. Perlas, the secondary squad of Lietuvos rytas have already sent a request to the league asking for admission to LKL.

Breaking the laws… legally

The league rules clearly state that a team cannot have a second squad playing in LKL, therefore the club from Vilnius will join Žalgiris on the path of creating a secondary team for themselves which is not actually their second team… How ironic, Žalgiris saw a whole bunch of players come from a “not-their-secondary-team” Kaunas Triobet, of course it was all done according to law – the players were all loaned. Perlas will have it’s own management and will act as a separate club, only with orders from above. Lietuvos rytas’ thinking is clear here – if they can do it, why can’t we? Like Juventus Utena, the club will have to pay an entrance fee of 350 thousand LTL, it’s probable that they will be also given a chance to pay the money spread through two years.

Perlas 09/10

Perlas will see it’s roster filled by talented 18-19 year old youngster from all around the country and are expected to be lead by a super talented chap Jonas Valančiūnas, who’s only 17. Marius Linartas, Lithuanian U18 head coach and former Lietuvos rytas player Roberts Štelmahers will team up in the coaching staff, Linartas being the head coach. The budget of the club is planned to be around 1 million LTL.

What’s after 12?

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