BBL Cup – let the fun begin

As the club season approaches, the Lithuanian Perspective returns to action. The European Championships turned out to be an epic failure for the Lithuanian National Team, but all of that should now be forgotten – players, that participated in Poland and those who didn’t have all arrived to their clubs. At least in Lithuania, teams from all around the country had a lot going on as a huge number of friendlies were played throughout the month of September. The first tournament of some importance (still not much) in this part of Europe is the BBL cup.

This is the second time that an event like this is going on, the first one saw Lietuvos Rytas crowned as champions of what was then called BBL Presidents Cup. The whole of Kaunas surely hopes that this scenario will not repeat itself as it is the host for this years competition, where Champions of Estonian, Latvian and of course Lithuanian leagues plus the host team Žalgiris (who are here as runners-up in BBL last year) will compete for honor and let’s not forget the trophy as well. Kalev, Ventspils, Lietuvos Rytas with Žalgiris will start their on Friday, yes – today.

According to a poll in the BBL website, Žalgiris is the main favorite to win with 48 per cent of the votes. This is hardly surprising as the team has the biggest fan base in the Baltics, Rytas trails by 12 per cent with 36. Kalev and Ventspils are third and fourth respectively.  If you ask me, I can tell you one thing – I don’t know anything, it is just too early to call in this stage of the season, but lets hope we see a great final.

BBL Cup – let the fun begin

One thought on “BBL Cup – let the fun begin

  1. Keep it up, Simas. You’re my number one source for Lithuanian hoops, so I might be calling on you later on in the season if I’m in need of clarity. Take care brother, and I’ll keep reading if you keep writing.


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