Surprise, surprise: Lithuanian Club Rankings

Lithuanian Club Rankings

During the summer I have come up with an idea, that might end up as a great project or a total failure. I want to introduce you to the “Lithuanian Club Rankings”, a system to rate the performaces of top Lithuanian basketball clubs in the LKL, LKF Cup, BBL and European tournaments. The teams will start the season with a certain amount of points, depending on the results of the last season and as a small factor, in which International tournaments the teams will be participating this year. When Lithuanian are facing each other the scoring will be based on give and take – the losing team loses points, the winner gains, what the loser gave away. There is no fixed amount of points for a victory and the gain will depend on the differenece in the current points and the victory margin. For International competitions, teams will gain a certain amount of points for a victory against foreign clubs depending on the level of the tournament (BBL Challenge Cup, BBL Elite Division, Eurocup, Euroleague), if two Lithuanian teams are to meet in an International tournament, the outcome will be calculated like in a domestic game. I’ll update the rankings after every weekend. So stay tuned, the first one is on the way.

Surprise, surprise: Lithuanian Club Rankings

One thought on “Surprise, surprise: Lithuanian Club Rankings

  1. Very interesting. Looking forward to see how this project works out throughout the season.

    But don’t worry, even if it doesn’t produce results that we would consider as fitting, it is a nice try.

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