A new name on the prospect list

Deivydas GailiusDeivydas Gailius (200, 1988) from Šiauliai has emerged as a surprise for many basketball fans in Lithuanian this season. The young forward from Klaipėda is on the top of the Baltic League top scorers list with 21,2 a game and has made an incredible improvement in his long-range game, shooting the lights out from downtown (11-16 in BBL, 9-18 in LKL). Though Mindaugas Kuzminskas, another big talent from Vilnius who signed a contract with Žalgiris (Martynas Pocius being one as well), was being named as the number one prospect from Šiauliai and possibly one of the top in the country, Gailius has outshone Kuzminskas by a long way in the Baltic League (though in LKL it‘s quite the opposite). Gailius is still waiting for any of the two Lithuanian basketball giants to make a move and is probably one of few remaining top talents on the table.

Here‘s a small outlook:

 Nice speed, quickness, a decent dribble – gets some points of the crossover while playing one on one. A nice shot and range, but can struggle with shot selection. Doesn‘t like to go into contact, which sometimes means he forces shots that shouldn‘t be as hard as they are. Not the best on defense – too slow to guard smaller players and doesn‘t have the strength to be on bigger guys, though he can use the size against smaller players down low, throw in some simple post moves and the relative speed against taller and bigger defenders to his advantage on the other side of the court. Has some hops, though not being a big dunker, can still throw it down easily on a fast break. Prefers finishing with his main hand (right), though can both drive and finish with the left as well. Likes to run the floor and search for opportunities for himself and his team mates. Great potential.

A new name on the prospect list

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