Baynes to Real Madrid? Haha…

As it appears, Real Madrid are exploring the market in search of a dominant back-up center. According to this source, the club off of Madrid have tried to stick Jeremiah Massey to Aris Thessaloniki in a trade for the all-mighty Andrew Betts. In fact, they’re even willing to add a million or two just to get rid of him, after sending another big-man Axel Hervelle on loan to Bizkaia Basket. It looks as if Slam and Freaknick have mixed up their Christmas presents, sending the book on sharing to the wrong recipient…

And actually, this does have a Lithuanian connection, other than Lavrinovič and Kaukėnas in Madrid, be patient. The same source has mentioned that Lietuvos Rytas’ Australian Aron Baynes is the candidate list. I can only think of three plausible and not-so-plausible reasons why in the world would a team like Real need this:

  1. The guy, who wrote that article is either a joke or joker himself. Black humour is to be talked about here.
  2. Real have only seen the highlights of his, got to admit, very much amazing and amusing dunks.
  3. I know absolutely nothing about the game of basketball myself.

At least for me, the last one would seem to be the most logical of the three, but logic is not the word to pair Baynes and Real as well.

However, if you’d ask me, my answer would either be – “when it rains candy” or maybe a little more probable option of “when pigs fly”.

I can see the potential in him, a lot of it, that is if a new formulae for potential is:

potential = (fouls per game+power+strength+bad hands)2

You have to be realistic, share strength is not enough to get into a Euroleague title contender, is it? And he wouldn’t get no more than 10 minutes a game to prove himself, so no matter what you pick, no one can screw up a game completely in such a short time, well unless you’re Rytas of course.

All for now, heading to the gym, need to work out a bit, I might get a call from Spain as well…  

Baynes to Real Madrid? Haha…

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