A little about Vidas Ginevičius

Vidas Ginevičius had caused a very mixed reaction upon his arrival in Lietuvos Rytas. From not-so-nice banners in the stands to welcoming cheers, but that was all left behind, as fans were getting sceptical about his game and this had nothing to do with the past at the main rivals Zalgiris. Ginevičius failed to make an impact even in domestic competitions as one mediocre performance followed another. Until yesterday’s game against Alytus, that is.

Ginevičius, who arrived at the club in the middle of the season, finished the game with a double-double of 20 points and 11 assists. The playmaker was 7 of 13 from the field, with 4 of 10 shots from beyond the arch and both free-throw attempts made. With 6 steals in his account, Ginevičius ended the game with a ranking of 36.

“Ginevičius played how I always want to see him playing. Not only did he score a lot of points, but controlled the team well. I have no complaints for Ginevičius, it’s obvious that his game is only improving,” said Lietuvos Rytas head coach Rimas Kurtinaitis.


As a matter of fact, this has a side-story as well. Ginevičius played for Alytus a while ago in the 2003-04 season and left the club in March after not getting paid. A pretty reliable source mentions the figure of  90,000 LTL (a little over 26,000 EUR). You could see where the guy got the inspiration.

A thing I also wanted to bring up is how terrible he was against Partizan. Not that he was the one to screw up the game, in fact he didn’t do anything bad, just as he didn’t do anything on the court in the 5-ish minutes he spent on the court. After getting the ball up the court, Ginevičius passed it away after getting in through the half-way point and went on a circular motioned run around the court. You could well have got a runner for this… This could have been Kurtinaitis’ idea, but I just don’t see any point in sending a player, and especially a point guard, in laps around the opponents without the ball, leaving all the playmaking to Jomantas and Gecevičius…

The former Zalgiris player was kind of a joke around Lithuania after a couple unsuccessful moments on the court, where he seemed to have tripped over a line, a couple of silly turnovers… What you have in result is about 100 jokes about him, which I have to say are not so funny.  I’ll leave you with my favorite:

Molten have made a ball especially for Vidas Ginevičius. A ball with a handle.

It seems to have helped him in the game against Alytus.


A little about Vidas Ginevičius

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