Jumping off a cliff

No idea behind Zalgiris’ game. That’s what I saw. And yes, you can point at the fact that Zalgiris played with two big men and one of them, Mario Delas, was making his Euroleague debut (well done, Mario). It makes no difference, none at all. I’ll create a theorem of my own – the game wasn’t decided down low, the guards didn’t play good enough to give Zalgiris the slightest of chances at the victory. Have a look, Aleksandar Capin – 2/13 field goal attempts, 0/6 from downtown. He did get 6 assists, but the unprepared, clownish and empty-headed shots, which not only didn’t go in, but also knocked the rhythm out of the whole team, interrupted the concentration on the defensive end.

It’s easy to make a tragedy out of this loss, but one has to admit that Zalgiris never looked good this season, not in Euroleague. Managing to scrape through the regular season cut at the last moment, Zalgiris avoided an early disappointment, but kept climbing a cliff, which was bound to fall one day. With no safety kit on.

Making an argument that Butautas improved Zalgiris’ game and guided the team to a Top 16 would be logical and hard to argue against. But the two victories came against the most mediocre sides you could find in the European top flight – Cibona is in no hurry to pay their players, who have shown a lot of heart and devotion in still managing to qualify and Fenerbahce have more money than brain to say the least. Everyone seemed to have forgotten the fact that Zalgiris had lost seven straight Euroleague games before the two last regular season clashes. I don’t want to promise anything bad for the club from Kaunas, but I suspect there’s a high possibility in seeing yet another failure in the Top 16. In the easiest possible group of Top 16, that is.

There are a lot of individually talented players in Asseco Prokom, next week CSKA will have a well operating system behind the players of an even bigger caliber. Another upset looming? Maybe, but maybe not – Zalgiris have proved many times that Kaunas is the place where wonders happen. Even Capin might make a few shots.

Jumping off a cliff

5 thoughts on “Jumping off a cliff

  1. RJT says:

    “And yes, you can point at the fact that Zalgiris played with two big men and one of them, Mario Delas, was making his Euroleague debut (well done, Mario). It makes no difference, none at all.” – What even more stupid could you say? Let’s look at the statistics for the whole season. T.Watson and T. Klimavicius together accumulate by average 19 points, 13.8 reb. and 25.3 Rkg, not to mention the work at the defensive end and overall team strength in the post. Isn’t this a solid loss, especially when you’re forced to play without a real Power Forward (Delas is a power forward, but he’s forced to play as a Center since Begic is really not the toughest guy by the mean of factor called endurance…). What Zalgiris is left to do is to shoot a lot of outside shots. And when they don’t fall, it’s a big problem. When you have a strong number 4, there are several more possibilities – either a chance to grab an offensive board, a chance to play a good pick n’ roll, or even a simple pass to a guy such as Watson could lead to a two point shot ( even two points + an offensive board, doesn’t matter…). Will we see another failure? Could be. But everyone can see, that there’s a chance that home court and two hopefully fully healed players would help us to create one more miracle. And come on, is it so easy to beat a team which tried focusing their play on their front line with Varda, Burrell and Hrycaniuk and for every mistake when the attention is focused on these three monsters they’re punishing with 3-pointers with a miraculous 60% accuracy in comparison to their 27% average during the regular season. What would you expect? Would Rytas have been able to defeat Prokom while they were playing like this? In their dreams probably, and so there’s not even a smell of them in the Top16…

    1. My position will not be left undefended, but you know what, I’m glad to receive comments of all type (even spam to some extent) rather than none at all. (:

      A very angry Zalgiris fan got upset with my mean article which was with no intentions of offending anyone. As it appears, the comment was related to one of the most biting phrases from the post: “And yes, you can point at the fact that Zalgiris played with two big men and one of them, Mario Delas, was making his Euroleague debut (well done, Mario). It makes no difference, none at all.”

      I’ve written this especially for you. Read the full reply right here.

  2. truth says:

    “A very angry Zalgiris fan got upset”
    What a hell? Its the last time i visist this shity page, author is a total moron.

    1. I was making a joke right there. I know the guy, who wrote the comment above personally. Had a pretty long chat with him about the game. All directed towards him. Up to you, actually, I can’t make you visit the page. And thank you for the compliment. 😉

      I wanted this to be provocative, it worked. Zalgiris hasn’t been all-good this season, but everyone seems to have forgotten the 1-7 start in Euroleague and that the team hadn’t been looking good or nowhere close to that.

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