Brad Newley, the new Aussie in Rytas

Sorry not for posting the last million years… I’ve been quite busy with and a job for FIBA, which I should be doing at the moment, but… I did find a moment to watch the Australia – Argentina basketball game featuring the new Lietuvos Rytas signing Brad Newley. To be frank, I was impressed with the guy. I’ll leave you with a small round-up of his game. Just stuff that I noticed whilst watching Newley play.

BRAD NEWLEY (G/F 2.01-6’8″)

  • Troubles handling the ball. A bit sloppy.
  • Catch and shoot – can do! Check!
  • Smart positioning on defense.
  • Quick first step.
  • Strong enough to get to the hoop one on one.
  • Really not that good on the handles.
  • Timely passes to players coming out of screens.
  • For three!
  • Those legs do look strong.
  • Can split defenses. Wonderful one on one stuff. Beats his man, dumps it off to a teammate.
  • Sneaky athleticism. Doesn’t look to have any athleticism, but is as good of an athlete as they get.
  • Can and will rebound. A 4 reb average in Euroleague. That’s what I would expect.
  • Can get himself in trouble by taking an extra 3 or 4 dribbles. Better off with ‘catch and explode past his defender / hit a dagger-three .
  • Wonderful slasher. Nice to see this kind of stuff.
  • Unstoppable when on the move.
  • The man loves a dunk! The power… ooh yeah… you’ll see plenty of this in the Euroleague weekly Top 10s.
  • Can change direction in movement fairly well. Has some shake-n-bake action…
  • Not only a drive-right option now, improved his left hand.
  • Good defender. Not only has the body  to stick right in front of his defender, but also the smarts.
  • Can get past the defender easily. One on one action. Again!
  • Makes smart kick-outs. Imagine that: “Newley drives, kicks and Gecevičius swishes the three!”… You’ll see plenty of this.
  • Three after coming hard off the pick, pulls up, swishes it. Great shot, great moves to get open.
  • Can spin the ball on the three point line. Should be good against zone. Good passing!
  • Just a smart player. Good passes, smart decisions.
Brad Newley, the new Aussie in Rytas

4 thoughts on “Brad Newley, the new Aussie in Rytas

  1. So you’ve got another one of our Aussies on board! Newley is really hitting his straps at this point in his career. I think he is a couple of years away from being good enough for a rotation spot in the NBA (if the Houston Rockets want to ask him back, or someone else).

    He has picked up his body-strength and D dramatically whilst he has been in Europe. When he left Australia he had his scoring ability, but a wiry, young body. Now he has the body of a man.

    He will certainly put on a lot of points, from all parts of the floor and he will fit within the team structure. You’ve got yourselves a fairly well-rounded player.

  2. Travis Reid says:

    Mate, I think you’ve summed up Brad brilliantly. He is an instinct player, purely and simply. When he ‘overthinks’ the game he tends to make mistakes. He is as tough a one-on-one cover as you will find. Even Kobe Bryant had trouble staying in front of him when the matched up in Beijing. He’s probably developed a little slower than most Aussie hoops fans would have liked. But whilst his development may have been somewhat slow, it is undeniable. As he now resides in Europe, we only get to see him a couple of times a year, so you can really notice the improvements. He has put on tremendous muscle across the shoulders, which is evident even compared the photo you have above. This allows him to be a lot more physical on D that he has been in the past. I would like to think that it may also allow him to consider adding a few post moves to his repertoire. With his height and size I’d like to see him take smaller guards down to the block.

    Think yourself lucky to have him mate. Had he decided to go down the college route with Baylor as he was offered, I think he’d already be in the NBA. Two seasons of solid Euroleague with Rytas and I have no doubt Houston will come calling for their man. You’ve got quite a player in ‘Newls’.

  3. Thank you guys for that precious feedback! I really appreciate your comments and be sure – I’ll keep you posted with how Newley is doing over here in Lithuania when the season starts. Thank you again!


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