Online: Žalgiris rook Omar Samhan

There have never been many people related to pro sports in any way, who would be blogging or tweeting here in Lithuania. The small family has increased as the new Žalgiris Kaunas signing Omar Samhan looks to be pretty savvy when it comes to spreading his word round the web. What I’m impressed with the most is that Omar hasn’t limited his opportunities just by sticking with twitter (@OmarSamhan), but is also running a nice blog as well full of video material in addition to regular posts.

Let’s hope things go well for the Žalgiris’ rookie and we see plenty of highlights both on and off the court. I’ve added a link to his blog on the right of my page – just click “Omar Samhan’s blog” in the blogroll.

With the opportunity at hand, I’d like you all to check out Martynas Pocius (@LTUmarty) twitter account as well! Fun, fun and even more fun – quality guaranteed! By far the best tweeter in Lithuanian sports…

Online: Žalgiris rook Omar Samhan

2 thoughts on “Online: Žalgiris rook Omar Samhan

  1. Interesting addition in many aspects.

    Watched him when I was looking at one of Elias Harris’ (Gonzaga) games last season. Samhan was the only true big man on the court and basically did what he wanted. It will all be a bit dirtier and more difficult for him in Europe with all those veterans playing their little tricks & a lot more physical play allowed by the refs, but he really does possess a pretty nice post game.

    That’s gonna be a hell of a competition next season in the paint, with Watson, Klimavicius, Delas, Samhan, Begic and probably Cukinas all being around and competing for playing time. I don’t think Samhan is your average US rookie, he’ll be right in the mix.

    His online comments should be entertaining as well.

  2. Now that’s the first I hear something about Samhan from a person with some sort of knowledge about his game. And I have to say, I’m kind of optimistic about how his game will translate to European ball. Of course, I’ve only seen some highlight reels and believe me – Aron Baynes looked unbelievable in those. So your words should be encouraging for Zalgiris fans.

    Thanks for the very interesting and informative comments!

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