Updating my blog

I’ve decided to broaden my horizon and start writing not only about Lithuanian basketball, though it will still remain the main topic. With the statistical success of my piece about Alessandro Gentile, I’ve realized that I’ve been blind to interesting stuff happening in European hoops. So if you see another article that has got pretty much nothing in common with Lithuania – don’t be surprised!

Oh, and by the way, from now on, you can find the same material from my blog in HoopsLeader.com – a new website about European hoops! All of that, of course, in the blog page! With time, there’s going to be more bloggers, more blogs and more interesting stuff to read. For example, this interview with the biggest surprise of the U18 European Championship Deividas Pukis by my friend @erildas.

Another thing – you can follow my blog by email – the tools for subscription in the upper right corner. All for now, I’ll try to publish another piece before the final. However, first of all, I need to think of a subject – any suggestions?

I have to say that I enjoy your comments much more than you do my posts, so please, if you’re not in a hurry, stop by and leave a feedback or just a thought of your own!

Updating my blog

One thought on “Updating my blog

  1. manager says:

    You should have guest bloggers to write about their national team regarding playing in the WC in Turkey… like pros and cons, expectation, star players etc

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