Linas, please keep your mouth shut!

I think the video will speak for itself – Linas Kleiza has just found his new go-to move. A hook shot from half-court – that’s scary, ain’t it? Can Kleiza master it to the full? Jokes aside, Kleiza’s game, or rather how he deals with his character issues, will be the key to Lithuania’s success. Can the little (that’s up for arguments) Lithuanian devil show us his bright side? Or is it vice versa… You tell me or just read on!

I don’t like the fact that many consider him as the Lithuanian national team leader – yes he’s the most talented guy in team Lithuania, but his brain stops functioning from time to time with an occasional black-out here and there. I hope coach Kestutis Kemzura has got the hang of Kleiza’s evil side and calculated the timing of these black-hearted occurrences so he could make a schedule when to sit Linas down. We saw what Kleiza’s potty mouth caused in the game versus USA as the player’s technical foul not only gave USA a chance for two extra free-throws but also caused bedlam inside the Lithuanian camp – the guys couldn’t recover… Kleiza is good when he’s good but, my dear, if you get to see his mindlessness – you’ll forget what good he’s done for the team. So yeah, if you’re a referee/journalist/fan/floor-sweeper in Izmir – don’t piss Linas off, you might regret it. Unless you really want to win vs Lithuania, that is… then you can give it a go… However, if Kleiza does keep his mouth shut and deals with his issues – boy… You WILL have problems stopping him!

Take care peeps!

Linas, please keep your mouth shut!

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