Sniffin’ through Mad Vlad’s wallet

Remember Mad Vlad? He’s the same but different…

He’s a better person better this year. Or at least it seems so… I truly don’t know if this is actually real (perhaps a result of the ‘Become better in seven days’ camp, which I just made up) or just a mirage due to a massive thirst of club basketball after the summer.

What am I on about? As you might have already noticed, Žalgiris went on a king-sized buying spree this summer – Paulius Jankūnas, DeJuan Collins, Tomas Delininkaitis, Omar Samhan and Mindaugas Kuzminskas joined the team during the off-season. Five player isn’t much, you say? I’ll give you some more on this – extensions were signed with Travis Watson, Tadas Klimavičius. Still not impressed – here’s some more! I’ve managed to count at least twenty-five contracts with players in Žalgiris’ secret folder. And I’m sure there are more stashed out there somewhere!

I’m not claiming to know what’s happening in Mad Vlad’s mind. I bet you that no one does… Anyway, one thing I do know is that the man just had to open up his wallet! I’ll make it quick – Žalgiris had a budget of around € 5 million last year… [applying a secret formula]… and I’m pretty sure that this year it’s going to be there or there about in the € 6,5-7 million range. But then again, that’s only my limited insight. However, these numbers kind of match the ones of one pretty nice Lithuanian blog, that calculated Žalgiris’ budget to be around 25 million Litas (€ 7,24 million)…  

Oh and by the way, the words Vladimir Romanov tend to attract some googlers…

All for now peeps!

Sniffin’ through Mad Vlad’s wallet

2 thoughts on “Sniffin’ through Mad Vlad’s wallet

    1. Could very well be. I just named as much as I could to myself off the top of my head… Forty is a lot! Too hard for me!

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