Euroleague Fantasy Challenge: Week 3

Just like most of my ideas, this one has come a bit late once again. It is nothing major, but since I’m a big fan of the Euroleague Fantasy Challenge and have had a team every year since quite a long time ago, maybe from the very start of the game, though I can’t recall that vividly. I’d like to think so, but there’s a small gap in my memory. Maybe you know how long has the game been running? I’d be interested to know myself…

So yeah, the key point of this post so far has been that my memory sucks, but here comes the real stuff. I just thought about presenting you with a weekly round-up of how my team has been doing and discuss the roster changes that I make every week.

First of all, lets run down the list of players that combined for a total of 137.5 points for my team which I have called the “A Team” in Week 3 of Euroleague:

Point Guards

Bobby Brown (Asseco Prokom) – a player who I thought was going to be a scoring machine hasn’t been doing all that well in Euroleague. Before the season started I saw him as a player who could fill the shoes of David Logan, who left the Polish champs for a chance to play in Caja Laboral in Spain. Apparently, the shoes were a couple of sizes too big for Brown. The American guard has a weekly average score of 3.3 points as his plummeted from 43 (which I considered to be a bargain) to 26.41. Well done, Mr. Brown… Well done!

Sergio Rodríguez (Real Madrid) – after a poor start against Olympiacos and an extra week for his price to continue falling, Sergio found a place in my team as well. To be frank, he hasn’t disappointed – making a debut (in my ranks) worth 25.3 points and not only stabilizing the fall of his price, but even increasing his current cost by some 5 credits. His next game is against Brose Baskets Bamberg. I think Sergio guaranteed himself a place for another week.

Shooting Guards and Small Forwards

Fernando San Emeterio (Caja Laboral) – right from the get-go, San Emeterio has been the leader of my fantasy team, averaging 21.8 fantasy points per game, which saw his price sky-rocket from the original 59 before the first week to 87.2 now after week three. The question is not whether if he’s capable of putting big numbers, but rather a more precise one – he needs to keep his average at 21.8 to keep his price at the current level. That’s a hard one. Oh, and he’s playing Žalgiris next week.

Rimas Kaukėnas (Montepaschi) – the Lithuanian’s game has been improving steadily from the first week, but his price is yet to recover after the first two weeks of disappointment (a ranking of 4 against Cholet and then 9 versus Lietuvos Rytas) and I believe there’s a big possibility that Kaukėnas will regain his initial market value in a couple of weeks if he brings his A-game to Istanbul and then at home against Barca. That’s a keeper. For now.

Bojan Bogdanović (Cibona) – the 21-year-old Croat was the leader for his team in the first two weeks. Then he stepped on a banana skin in Siena in game three collecting a minus-two in the process. Kick me twice if he does that twice in a row. After all, they are playing Cholet next week.

Keith Langford (Khimki) – up, up and away! Langford has been playing superb for Khimki with the absence of the injured team-mate Thomas Kelati. A value rise from 57 to 84.64 tells you the full story and you don’t want to know more. I’m happy to have taken him on-board in the start of the game, but as it is with Fernando San Emeterio, it’s not clear if he can keep this up for long.

Power Forwards and Centers

Stanko Barać (Caja Laboral) – to say he has been playing well would be an understatement. The Caja Laboral big man was a real bargain at the start of the game when I picked him up at the price of 37 credits. Three weeks later and Stanko is valued at 56.27 and his current average of 19.9 fantasy points would see him increase it around 80 if keeps this tempo.

Andrea Crosariol (Virtus Roma) – the Italian big man was added to the team in the last transfer period after week two. A sub-par performance against Real Madrid (5 fantasy points) still increased his value in the single week he’s been a part of the “A Team”. I’d consider it a short-term investment as he gained almost 6 kilos credits in a week. There’s a good possibility, that that’s likely to happen again as a single ranking point in the game against Unicaja would see his price increase due to his good first two games.

Serhiy Lishchuk (Power Electronics) – don’t buy Ukrainian toys, I’m telling you… They’re cheap, but never live up to the expectations. Bought him at the price of 41 credits before the start of the game and was rubbing my hands thinking I had bought a bargain. Not the case. His price is down to 27.73. Serhiy, I don’t see a future with you… But I’ll give you your last chance against Milano. That’s if I don’t change my mind in four days that are left to make the changes.

Kenan Bajramović (Lietuvos Rytas) – the Bosnian screwed it up in the opening week with a ranking of minus-six. Ever since he has been suffering the after-effect. Despite playing pretty good games statistically against Montepaschi and Cholet, his price has dropped to 33.33. I’m pretty sure that Bajramović’s ceiling is much higher than the 8.3 ranking that he’s averaging at the moment.

After week three, I still had 28.62 unspent credits. 

The subs

Bobby Brown (Asseco Prokom) – he’s got a game against Partizan, where he is likely to improve his stats, but I’m bored of waiting for him to deliver.

Kerem Tunçeri (Efes Pilsen) – the Turkish guard jumped on the roster in the last seconds, stealing the plane ticket from Zoran Planinić in a dark alley on Thursday night. It was probably might bad vision, that missed Tunçeri in the first place. Due to a sublime start of this Euroleague season, Kerem’s current average of 20.6 will see his price grow no matter what. Well almost…

Fernando San Emeterio (Caja Laboral) – this one I might come to regret… It was a last-minute decision, which possibly might even change before the deadline. Fernando had a great start to this Euroleague season, but at this point anything under a ranking of 22 would see his price drop. As I said, I might come to regret this one…

Casey Jacobsen (Brose Baskets) – I gave thought to many players, who could fill this slot: Igor Rakocević, Vassilis Spanoulis, Pete Mickael and Juan Carlos Navarro among others, but all of them needed to match their average score to keep the price growing. Casey Jacobsen was more of a sure thing when it comes to his price increasing. His average score of 19 will take him over his current price (63.9) almost by default, even if Casey collects a five-ish ranking.

Serhiy Lishchuk (Power Electronics) – another case that just didn’t work out. He should still regain some value, but finding a new player might possibly be a faster way to grow back the lost credits.Bojan Bogdanović (Cibona) – it’s only now that I realised that he’s going to most likely lose value in week four. I would have loved to keep him, but Bojan now needs to collect a ranking of 25 against Cholet to keep his value at 56… And that’s the last game to put at fault when Bogdanović’s ranking went down to minus-two… I’d rather sell him for one week and the re-buy for another.

Leon Radosević (Cibona) – the Cibona big man is a popular pick. And there’s a reason for it. He’s cheap, he plays well… Not a bad combo, heh? I suggest you buy him as well if you have a team – costs only 31.94 at the moment.

Bojan Bogdanović (Cibona) – would’ve lost value any way…

Víctor Claver (Power Electronics) – the only option among shooting guards and small forwards, who’s real potential is much higher than the current price of 46.9 credits. He needs only a ranking of 11 to max out his value to the weekly 15 percent maximum. Could work, couldn’t it?

I still have 25.18 credits after the roster changes.

Euroleague Fantasy Challenge: Week 3

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