Euroleague Fantasy Challenge: Week 4

Shame and embarrassment. These two would pretty much ideally describe the way I feel sharing the updates on my Euroleague Fantasy Challenge team this week. I reached my all-time low in this game – a miserable score of 21.0 for the last week. Yes, a handful of players collected that on their own – Berni Rodriguez, Leon Radosević, Rasho Nesterović, Mirza Begic, Jonas Mačiulis and the list goes on…

This is likely to have been just bad luck… but enough self-comforting – I screwed up. Massively. In my mind I’m thinking that another week like this could actually repeat itself as I find myself wanting to change my entire roster and the three weekly changes limit imposes some restrictions…

I’m wondering if I actually collected the least points in the entire game this week… Seriously, nobody could’ve done worse, could they? Enough said – have a good laugh out of this. Just like I did.

Point Guards

Kerem Tunçeri (Efes Pilsen) – the dude collected a ranking of minus-four, his priced dropped from 62.35 to 57.9 in the week. The bright side for Kerem – he wasn’t the worst on the team.

Sergio Rodríguez (Real Madrid) – after a good game in Week 3, Sergio returned to his old ways amassing an incredibly spectacular score of minus-four. Luckily enough, his price dropped only by a small bit – from 34.68 to 33.9…

Shooting Guards and Small Forwards

Casey Jacobsen (Brose Baskets) – the American took the place of Fernando San Emeterio, who had a sucker of a week, so the decision to sell the Spaniard paid off, but Jacobsen still could’ve done more himself – a score of 6 saw his price just edged below what I paid for him – down by 0.8 and now stands at 63.

Rimas Kaukėnas (Montepaschi) – down goes the value of the Lithuanian after he collected a score of three. Has a game against Barca next week. Might keep him just because of his value being at 39.89 which leaves Rimas a chance to raise his price by collecting a ranking greater than 10. Possible.

Victor Claver (Power Electronics) – I’m speechless … Victor finished Week 4 with a score of minus-five, his price dropped to 39.88 from 46.92 I bought him last week.

Keith Langford (Khimki) – the only player to collect a double-digit score this week. He’s my hero… Or maybe not… Because Langford’s score of 13 still saw his price fall by almost ten credits to 77.3.

Power Forwards and Centers

Stanko Barać (Caja Laboral) – a ranking of minus-two is the bad thing, but Žalgiris took the win in Baskonia. That balances out the pain. Barać is still averaging good numbers and if he finds his old self – he’ll be good.

Andrea Crosariol (Viruts Roma) – commenting on these hopeless performances is really boring, though Andrea did finish second in my team when it comes to the score – a ranking of 8 this week. Not bad, not bad…

Serhiy Lishchuk (Power Electronics) – a ranking of 1 (vienas/one/uno/ein/ένα/viens/један/bir/üks/jedan/jeden/une/один). Nice…

Kenan Bajramović (Lietuvos Rytas) – the Bosnian’s performance has been just as disappointing (ranking of 5) as the whole season for Lietuvos Rytas so far. Being the face of the franchise sucks… Though Martynas Gecevicius seems to be coming back to life…

After week four, I still had 25.18 unspent credits. 

The subs

Kerem Tunçeri (Efes Pilsen) –> Khalid El-Amin (Lietuvos Rytas)

Andrea Crosariol (Virtus Roma) -> James Gist (Partizan)

Serhiy Lishchuk (Power Electronics) -> Leon Radosević (Cibona)

I still have 47.84 credits after the roster changes.

Euroleague Fantasy Challenge: Week 4

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