The boys take out their guns

The two strongest Lithuanian sides appear to have changed seats after Lietuvos Rytas nipped Žalgiris in game seven of last year’s LKL finals. Since a scandalous end to last season, which the club from Kaunas finished coach-less, Žalgiris has had a face lift and risen from ashes like a phoenix… Lietuvos Rytas… well… They’ll need to do just the same after pushing themselves onto the edge of an abyss with a dismal start to their Euroleague campaign.

However, it all starts from scratch in LKL. Both teams have a clean record so far and haven’t screwed up their chances… And even if they would’ve had – it wouldn’t make much of a difference as we’d see them both in the finals. The only thing they’re fighting for is the home-court advantage. And this matters!

Sorry, but there won’t be a preview of this. Just couldn’t find the time. Anyway, I’ll drop a link for the stream when there is one. Enjoy the game!

Žalgiris – Lietuvos Rytas video.

The boys take out their guns

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