The Wisemen Know, Volume 3

The title tells it all – basketball experts are going to tell you what they think of the Lithuanian team chances in the upcoming Euroleague games as well as a weekly question about European hoops in general. The panel will consist of well-respected coaches (Luka Bassin and Tane Spasev), scouts (Alejandro Gonzalez and Rafael Uehara)  and many different basketball writers (Arkadios Chasirides, Christophe Ney, Nick Gibson, Sebastian Komianos, Simon Jatsch) and even a pro basketball player Milan Prodanovic.  I can assure you that these clever minds will all surely have something interesting to share.

To make it even more interesting, there’s a catch involved as each of the experts had only one limitation in the process – the thoughts had to fit in a tweet (140 characters).


Alejandro Gonzalez: Huge game for Lietuvos as they MUST win this one in order to stay alive. Not easy after weekend loss. I’m gonna say Fenerbahce, but not sure.

Arkadios Chasirides: Rytas better get this one. And if they do, they might get some lokum for dessert. Win/win situation

Christophe Ney: Rytas.

Luka Bassin: Last chance for LR and his coach. Great pressure on everybody. I think they can handle it. Rytas will make a little surprise this time.

Milan Prodanovic: I expect Rytas to bounce back after the loss to Zalgiris, but still come up short against Fenerbahce. 82-74.

Nick Gibson: Saras was an excellent cheerleader in Rytas’ win last week. He’ll need to drop the pom poms and pick up some points to best Ülker. FBU wins.

Rafael Uehara: Fenerbahçe. With the wing production remains steady, I believe Ülker is a title contender thanks to their paint dominance.

Sebastian Komianos: I am going with the home this time – Rytas because they really need this one.

Simon Jatsch: Zalgiris might have been too much too early, but I’m going for the home win this time. They need it. Rytas in a nailbiter.

Tane Spasev: After the first win, LR can relax. Fener is a favorite in this one but LR at home, relaxed. I think it will be a close game but Fener wins by 5.


Alejandro Gonzalez: One of the toughest courts in Europe with an improved Partizan. Zalgiris won in Vitoria…another big road win…I gotta say Partizan.

Arkadios Chasirides: Zalgiris is capable of beating Partizan, like they did in the opening day. But they can’t beat the gravediggers. Partizan will get this one.

Christophe Ney: Partizan.

Luka Bassin: Both teams are hot. Both teams won big time derbies during weekend. It is not mission impossible for Zalgiris but… Pionir won’t fall – Partizan.

Milan Prodanovic: Partizan beats Zalgiris by 10. Partizan looks better and better as the season goes on.

Nick Gibson: Pionir is back to its old ways, gobbling up those who dare tread on its hallowed hardwood. I’ve been made a fool too many times. Partizan.

Rafael Uehara: Zalgiris. LKL win over Rytas, beat Khimki last week… They are slowly finding their rhythm while Partizan is yet to find theirs.

Sebastian Komianos: I am going with the home this time – Partizan because of…Hala Pionir.

Simon Jatsch: Partizan is gaining strength with every game. Zalgiris full of confidence. I’m going with Partizan because of home court advantage.

Tane Spasev: Best game this week! Partizan at home always fun to watch. Maccabi managed to win there but not Zalgiris. Pionir hall is decider, Partizan by 7.


Alejandro Gonzalez: I see Rytas beating Cibona & Cholet but may need another W (Cholet over Cibona at home?) and that means Fener, Barcelona or Siena. I’d say no.

Arkadios Chasirides: It doesn’t matter if Rytas can make the Top 16 or not but whether Cholet can NOT make it or not. It will be tough.

Christophe Ney: Rytas will probably go to the Top 16 because they will take  the direct advantage over Cholet when playing the French.

Luka Bassin: Theoreticaly yes. It’s simple – beat Fener, Cholet (+5) and Cibona, and hope for the best. In real life-no way. It is too late. Maybe next year.

Milan Prodanovic: Rytas needs a lot of luck, and I don’t see it coming anytime soon.

Nick Gibson: LR’s one win is pretty nifty, but Cholet has three of them, all in a row. Rytas needs to beat either FBU/MPS/Barca to have a shot. I say no.

Rafael Uehara: Cholet’s berth seems to be up for grabs but at 1-4, it’s what we haven’t seen from Rytas that keeps us from believing they’ll make a push.

Sebastian Komianos: Rytas to Top 16? Doable…

Simon Jatsch:   I think they can. They need that additional win after Cholet edged Fenerbahce last week. And they better win in Zagreb.

Tane Spasev: Yes, Cholet cannot stay hot all season long. LR needs to win direct duel with Cholet though. And beat Cibona away. It will be close call but yes.

The Wisemen Know, Volume 3

2 thoughts on “The Wisemen Know, Volume 3

  1. Julius says:

    Heh, Zalgiris an underdog again, even if this team is hot as hell right now. 1-9 vs Partizan? Really? And Rytas 5-5 vs Ulker? Zalgiris should be at least 4-6 or 5-5, expecting a great game there. As for Rytas… Well, no sun in a cloudy horizon 😀

    1. These must’ve been rethorical questions as I can’t asnwer for the panel. Partizan have been looking just as good lately, especially at home. Anyway, I’d agree that a 1-9 is a bit harsh. And by ‘a bit’ I don’t necesserily mean ‘a bit’. You get the point…

      Rytas. At home. It was probably not a fifty-fifty, but they had a good chance. If they had played like in the first two quarters, they would’ve been within reach of a win. That’s over now. Let’s forget about it and move on. It won’t get much easier for Rytas now – two wins are there to be grabbed, but they still need at least one more to give themselves a fairly good chance at that fourth spot in the group. Anyway… Let’s just wait and see.

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