The Wisemen Know, Volume 5

I’ve been extremely busy filling all those university enrollment papers and ‘The Wisemen Know’ feature has been keeping the blog alive. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll have much more time available in the nearest future.

There is an important message this time round – I’d like you all to give a standing welcome to two new Wisemen, who have accepted to share a bit of their basketball wisdom with us. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present Os Davis, the man behind, and the one and only John Hobbs off of! Incredibly amazing, unbelievable awesome if you ask me! Enjoy!

The title tells it all – basketball experts are going to tell you what they think of the Lithuanian team chances in the upcoming Euroleague games as well as a weekly question about European hoops in general. The panel will consist of well-respected coaches (Luka Bassin and Tane Spasev), scouts (Alejandro Gonzalez and Rafael Uehara)  and many different basketball writers (Arkadios Chasirides, Christophe Ney, John Hobbs, Nick GibsonOs DavisSebastian Komianos, Simon Jatsch) and even a pro basketball player Milan Prodanovic.  I can assure you that these clever minds will all surely have something interesting to share.

To make it even more interesting, there’s a catch involved as each of the experts had only one limitation in the process – the thoughts had to fit in a tweet (140 characters).


Alejandro Gonzalez: I’m going with Lietuvos Rytas this time. Should be a must-win for Lithuanians and Cholet has more to lose in this game.

Arkadios Chasirides: Honestly Rytas predictions give me headache. So I’ll go with Cholet.

Christophe Ney: Rytas -short win.

John Hobbs: Lietuvos are not ready to go just yet, the home fans will be right behind them and they will win this in front of their home fans.

Luka Bassin: LR will stay alive, I hope. It is time for Saras to show he can make a difference. LR by 5.

Milan Prodanovic: Cholet beats Rytas.

Nick Gibson: It’s do-or-die time for Rytas, and I think they owe the home fans one more rally before they run for the hills. Lietuvos Rytas.

Os Davis: Are these the two weakest benches in the Euroleague? BiE hesitantly takes L.Rytas to win in a squeaker – and prays for no overtime period.

Rafael Uehara: Rytas.

Sebastian Komianos: Rytas plays home and needs a morale boost so they will win this.

Simon Jatsch: Must win for Rytas. Cholet not to be taken lightly. Chemistry, useful role players, indivdl. scoring. But Saras and Rytas win this one.

Tane Spasev: Rytas has to win. Not sure they are up to it. It will be a tough game, Cholet by 2 pts. I thought Rytas will be better down the line, but no.


Alejandro Gonzalez: Zalgiris for the win. I don’t like Prokom that much and Zalgiris has a great chance to seal the top 16 spot.

Arkadios Chasirides: Zalgiris can repeat a win in Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot or where ever in the frozen Poland hell Prokom plays anyway…

Christophe Ney: Prokom short win.

John Hobbs: Sorry to all Zalgiris fans, but I think the Prokom fightback is going to continue here. It’ll be close though, Asseco by four.

Luka Bassin: Tough one for Zalgiris. Asseco made sensation last week and they must win at home to confirm good job. I think Asseco will win.

Milan Prodanovic: Asseco gets blown out of the gym by Zalgiris.

Nick Gibson: Bobby Brown leaves and suddenly Prokom can’t lose. Though their hearts may be set on the Top 16, Zalgiris won’t let them get too comfortable.

Os Davis: EL momentum is all on Asseco’s side, but Žalgiris shot 27% on threes in the clubs’ last meeting and still won. Žalgiris halts its skid, wins.

Rafael Uehara: Zalgiris.

Sebastian Komianos: Prokom doesn’t have what it takes to beat Zalgiris.

Simon Jatsch: Difficult. Pacesas got rid of the right guy. Zalgiris is the better team, but Prokom is a dangerous opponent right now, +homecourt. Prokom.

Tane Spasev: Prokom will win at home,without Brown they started playing better.Go figure that! Prokom is better team than Zalg, but hard game. Prok by 4.


Alejandro Gonzalez: In Chuck Eidson we trust. One of my favorites players and the best guy of the best team so far. What a talented, versatile, smart player!

Arkadios Chasirides: Big Sofo. He has been having his best Euroleague season of his career so far. No man is a prophet in his own land.

Christophe Ney: I would say Chuck Eidson for his impact on the impressive MTA team.

John Hobbs: Bo McCalebb! Breathtaking-to-watch, and a player who has taken Siena to the top-16 with games to spare, single-handed. D-Washington close behind.

Luka Bassin: I’ll choose 3: Bo McCalebb, Chuch Eidson and Roko-Leni Ukić. After all, teams of them are at the top of Euroleague.

Milan Prodanovic: Roko Ukic is not surprising, but he is impressive!

Nick Gibson: Watching a guy control a game like Bo McCalebb or Roko Ukic is impressive. Watching someone do it from the wing is even cooler. Chuck Eidson.

Os Davis: Either no. 2-ranked Stanko Barac (who knew?) or awesome Bojan Bogdanovic, who surely must have some secret admirers among NBA scouts by now.

Rafael Uehara: Stanko Barac.

Sebastian Komianos: Chuck Eidson, no doubt.

Simon Jatsch: I have plenty of sympathies for Bo McCalebb and how he’s improved his decision-making. Not a great passer, but high ball-IQ.

Tane Spasev:Bojan Bogdanovic. I think he’ll be even better next year at some better club. I didn’t see this one developing like that. Stanko Barac as well.

The Wisemen Know, Volume 5

2 thoughts on “The Wisemen Know, Volume 5

  1. Cagri says:

    Where is Nalga?:) His stats after Saras arrived is simply the MIP of Euroleague but for Turkish people simply shocking. Cemal might be a fighter and might have a good physical body but he mostly benefited from the great 86-87 generation of the country. He didn’t improve his game enough and that jersey scandal… Recently, I read something interesting about him. Someone, who played against him at youth level in Izmir before he makes his name, has written his experience; explaining he loses his nerves very quickly when he met with hard fouls and tough defenses. Once he couldn’t control himself and started a fight on the court at youth team. A similar behavior caused his punishment which eventually brought that jersey scandal. I am not sure this one is funny or stupid(maybe both) he posed with his teammate’s jersey to a newspaper after the scandal came out. No brain at all basically huh…

    Seeing Varda as MVP both interesting and nice, watching him at Besiktas was very joyful sometimes, he was such a great potential but always very difficult at the mental side. As a potential, clearly one of the top big men in Europe.

    By the way, about Roko, his numbers might be impressive but I think delusive indeed. He is now not that exciting boy few years ago. He constantly takes contested shots, lob shots that must be improved a lot and doesn’t put enough effort about play making, organizing. When he makes his shots, everything looks good but when doesn’t like against Barca this week, huge problem for Fener. Fener players could play much better at offense with a great guard and picture could change for the team. Currently Fenerbahce is not as good as it is exaggerated and changing Ukic for pass first mentality good guard might make a significant impact. Atsur and he could complete each other and this might be decisive at Top 16. Key player for Fener is Atsur, I think.

    1. At the start of the season Nalga was just a joke of a player. I had always thought that deep inside Aron Baynes was a decent center, with some major flaws that needed to be fixed. Replacing him was a questionable decision in my mind and the feeling that it was the wrong choice only strengthened with Cemal receiving practically no playing time and sucking terribly when he did get on the court.

      What I have noticed in the games that Nalga did well is that he didn’t have a really tough opponent under the basket, so he could just bang inside, get the offensive boards, score some second chance points… That, for me, suggests that what you’ve written above is exactly the case. Nice insight.

      He hasn’t done anything stupid here in Vilnius or at least it hasn’t reached the public eye yet. Hope it stays this way.

      About Roko, I’ve never been a fan of him. I remember his first game after coming to Fene (against Žalgiris) – really bad decision-making, stupid shots… But he got many of them to fall. Everyone was praising him and shit… but I just couldn’t understand it. I mean he’s a top-shelf player, but he could be much better if he actually thought about what he was doing on the court.

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