The Wisemen Know, Volume 6

The title tells it all – basketball experts are going to tell you what they think of the Lithuanian team chances in the upcoming Euroleague games as well as a weekly question about European hoops in general. The panel will consist of well-respected coaches (Luka Bassin and Tane Spasev), scouts (Alejandro Gonzalez and Rafael Uehara)  and many different basketball writers (Arkadios Chasirides, Christophe Ney, John Hobbs, Nick GibsonOs DavisSebastian Komianos, Simon Jatsch) and even a pro basketball player Milan Prodanovic.  I can assure you that these clever minds will all surely have something interesting to share.

To make it even more interesting, there’s a catch involved as each of the experts had only one limitation in the process – the thoughts had to fit in a tweet (140 characters).


Alejandro Gonzalez: Despite they’re not doing well, I don’t see Caja Laboral out of competition so soon, and that means a win in Kaunas. Caja Laboral wins.

Arkadios Chasirides: Green Boys will seal the (2nd spot) deal.

Christophe Ney: Zalgiris will win at home.

John Hobbs: Big game for Zalgiris, as it virtually seals their last-16 place. I think they will rise to the occasion and win this one.

Luka Bassin: I watched Caja’s weekend game in ACB. Not impressive. It’s almost “do or die” game for Caja but Zalgiris has better chances.

Milan Prodanovic: Zalgiris in a tight one 92-91.

Nick Gibson: Caja Laboral has taken toughness to a new low this season, and Zalgiris has made their living on floor burns and bruises. Zalgiris.

Os Davis: Žalgiris again hemorrhages turnovers, but defends home court, wins, gets through to EL top 16 and continues as 2010-11’s mysterious success.

Rafael Uehara: Caja Laboral. W/ Kihmki playng 7-1 Maccabi Electra in Israel, this is a great chance 4 Baskonia to get a cushion 4 the final game. Upset.

Sebastian Komianos: Quite hard match-up for Zalgiris but I trust them.

Simon Jatsch: I have no clue how everyone will react after Mad Vlad sacked Petrovic. But having seen Bilbao slice through Baskonia D, I go with Zalgiris.

Tane Spasev: Zalgiris is already in the Top 16. Caja needs this one, I think the Spanish team will come out of this one a winner… Caja by 6 pts.


Alejandro Gonzalez: Shorthanded Barcelona is still better team than a full strength Lietuvos Rytas. The double match-up LTU/ESP will speak Spanish IMO.

Arkadios Chasirides: I’m afraid Rytas dreams of Top16 will end on Thursday.

Christophe Ney: Rytas will lose.

John Hobbs: This will be tight for about two quarters; then Barcelona’s class will see them through here. Barcelona to win by double-digits…

Luka Bassin: Barcelona without Navarro, Mickael, Basile, Lorbek and Lakovič is team to beat. Rytas could win and hold chances for Top 16.

Milan Prodanovic: Barca with the Easy W.

Nick Gibson: I’m looking forward to something free flowing, high scoring, and turnover heavy. Joe Ingles puts up big numbers, Barca wins. My condolences.

Os Davis: Barcelona has yet to reach the monstrous proportions of last year’s play, but they’ve still got enough to handle L.Rytas. Barça in a walk.

Rafael Uehara: Rytas. Rytas is not officially dead yet. Game is in Vilnius. No Mickeal and probably still no Navarro for Barça. Crowd should be awesome.

Sebastian Komianos: I am going to make a wild guess and say Rytas. They have to give everything they have if they want to stay alive in Euroleague.

Simon Jatsch: Barca. 13 top class players, that’s how they manage to play well even without four, five key players.

Tane Spasev: I want Rytas to win and stay alive for the race for Top 16 but that is asking too much from them against Barcelona. Barca by 8.


Alejandro Gonzalez: K.Lavrinovic could be the obvious pick but I really like Marty Pocius job in Kaunas. Does a bit of everything. Key in Zalgiris success.

Arkadios Chasirides: Jankunas, hands down.

Christophe Ney: The best Lithuanian might be Paulius Jankunas. He was the most regular from a statistical point of view.

John Hobbs: Woah! Tough one, I’m going on the best player I have seen myself so far and that has been Mantas Kalnietis. The young guard has quietly been getting the job done for Zalgiris, and has been a great team player. [Not sure if this actually fits into the limitations, but who the hell cares… – Simas]

Luka Bassin: No doubt – Ksistof Lavrinovič from Montepaschi Siena is best Lithuanian in Euroleague so far.

Milan Prodanovic: This is a tough question, ill have to go with Lavrinovic (and not because of the serbian last name!) Great glue guy/ sixth man.

Nick Gibson: Even though his production has dropped off in the past few weeks, Paulius Jankunas’ maturity got Zalgiris off to their hot start.

Os Davis: I’ll go with Paulius Janukunas and his solid 9.5 ppg/7.9 rbg in EL play, but most exciting from Lietuva has got to be Martynas “Air” Pocius.

Rafael Uehara: Ah… Gecevicius. Actually the one having the best season is not playing in the EL. Apparently Motiejunas is dominating Italy + EuroCup.

Sebastian Komianos: Martynas Pocius. Pocius is having a good season after a good Mundobasket.

Simon Jatsch: Ksystof Lavrinovic.

Tane Spasev: Tough to pick … it’s between Paulius Jankunas and Martynas Pocius. I like both games…have to pick one, so I’ll go with Paulius Jankunas.

The Wisemen Know, Volume 6

2 thoughts on “The Wisemen Know, Volume 6

  1. Lietuvos Rytas did an impressive run to stay alive in competition at Group C, despite the fact that the defending champs were highly favored to win their match up in Week 9. If they could secure another one, then they could be seeing their ticket to top 16, which makes week 10 an exciting finale to the first round of this season!

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