The Wisemen Know, Volume 8

The title tells it all – basketball experts are going to tell you what they think of the Lithuanian team chances in the upcoming Euroleague games as well as a weekly question about European hoops in general. The panel will consist of well-respected coaches (Luka Bassin and Tane Spasev), scouts (Alejandro Gonzalez and Rafael Uehara)  and many different basketball writers (Arkadios Chasirides, Christophe Ney, John Hobbs, Nick GibsonOs DavisSebastian Komianos, Simon Jatsch) and even a pro basketball player Milan Prodanovic.  I can assure you that these clever minds will all surely have something interesting to share.

To make it even more interesting, there’s a catch involved as each of the experts had only one limitation in the process – the thoughts had to fit in a tweet (140 characters).


Alejandro Gonzalez: Hard to imagine some scenario where Lietuvos beats Panathinaikos considering both team situations. PAO for the win.

Arkadios Chasirides: Panathinaikos.

Christophe Ney: No doubt Pana will win this one.

John Hobbs: On form, this should be a close game, but I think the visitors will shade it, Panathinaikos by five.

Luka Bassin: Even Panathinaikos is not so “hot” lately I could hardly imagine LR win. I think PAO will win, but not on easy way.

Milan Prodanovic: Panathinaikos wins by 12.

Os Davis: Panathinaikos; for further information, please see the BiE response to question #3. The only question is by how much; BiE says 14.

Rafael Uehara: Panathinaikos. Maric’s still out and I believe that’s one reason why they aren’t a juggernaut yet but they’re still better than Rytas.

Sebastian Komianos: Had Sarunas stayed in Rytas they could have a chance against Pana.

Tane Spasev: Pao by 7. I don’t think Rytas will have too much chances to win at this stage.


Alejandro Gonzalez: Valencia is in a great shape led by Svetislav Pesic. They should be strong at home. I don’t see “the new” Zalgiris winning in Valencia.

Arkadios Chasirides: Can’t see Zalgiris escaping Spain with the win…

Christophe Ney: Valencia will win easily.

John Hobbs: Valencia should have this one comfortably. Hosts by double-digits.

Luka Bassin: You (and other “fans”) can make fun of Begić and write jokes, but his absence in the Zalgiris’ paint will be crucial. Valencia will win.

Milan Prodanovic:  Zalgiris wins a close fought battle w Valencia.

Os Davis: In an early must win for the Greens, Žalgiris surprises by doing just that, shocking Valencia in Spain.

Rafael Uehara: Valência. I’m not a believer in Valência, they lost to every good team they played, but it’s impossible to read Zalgiris right now.

Sebastian Komianos: No way now. I don’t rate Zouros, in contrary to Pesic, so I pick Valencia.

Tane Spasev: Valencia is playing great with Pesic at the helm. Zalgiris with the new coach, I like Zalgiris’ group but this will be a tough game Val by 8.


Alejandro Gonzalez: I predict a hard time for both Lithuanian teams in the top 16. I think both will close their groups. I’m going with a tie (1-5/2-4???)

Arkadios Chasirides: Probably Zalgiris, but both could end up with 0 or 1 wins…

Christophe Ney: Zalgiris will have more wins, because Rytas will probably have none.

John Hobbs: Lietuvos. But, don’t see either team advancing.

Luka Bassin: Zalgiris has better chances and is better team. It will be 2:1 for Zalgiris.

Milan Prodanovic: Hard question to answer, however I will go with Zalgiris.

Os Davis: Sorry to break hearts, but L.Rytas will post the worst record in the entire Top 16, so i’ve got to go Žalgiris Kaunas here. By two or three games.

Rafael Uehara: Tough. I’ll guess Rytas ‘cuz they play Unicaja, who’s a mess right now. Zalgirs’ group is rough. Can’t see them beating anybody but PEV.

Sebastian Komianos: Rytas can win against Malaga at home but Zalgiris can win any of the other three teams of their group so I think they will do better.

Tane Spasev: Zalgiris! I think Rytas will manage only 1 win. But I learned this season that Rytas is unpredictable so I can’t wait to see how it goes. 

The Wisemen Know, Volume 8

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