The Wisemen Know, Volume 9

The title tells it all – basketball experts are going to tell you what they think of the Lithuanian team chances in the upcoming Euroleague games as well as a weekly question about European hoops in general. The panel will consist of well-respected coaches (Luka Bassin and Tane Spasev), scouts (Alejandro Gonzalez and Rafael Uehara)  and many different basketball writers (Arkadios Chasirides, Christophe Ney, John Hobbs, Nick GibsonOs DavisSebastian Komianos, Simon Jatsch) and even a pro basketball player Milan Prodanovic. I can assure you that these clever minds will all surely have something interesting to share.

To make it even more interesting, there’s a catch involved as each of the experts had only one limitation in the process – the thoughts had to fit in a tweet (140 characters).


Alejandro Gonzalez:Although I can imagine Olympiacos losing two in a row (but still advancing), it still seems to unlikely to me. Oly wins!

Arkadios Chasirides: Mark my words. Zalgiris.

Christophe Ney: Zalgiris.

John Hobbs: Going for Olympiacos by double-digits again.

Luka Bassin: It’s do or die game for both teams. Quality and experience go with Olympiacos, home crowd and passion with Zalgiris. Olympiacos in close game.

Milan Prodanovic: I think Olympiacos is a little too strong.

Nick Gibson: I’m all for giving folks their fair shots, but find a line-up and stick with it Señor Zouros. Anyone miss Mirza Begic yet? Ivkovic gets a W.

Os Davis: Put another way, “Could Olympiacos really lose two in a row?” BiE says no: Reds backcourt dominates Žalgiris’, Reds lead throughout, win.

Rafael Uehara: Olympiacos. After getting upset by Fenerbahçe at home, I believe Ivković will get his message across. Expect sense of urgency by Piraeus.

Sebastian Komianos: Zouros brings enthusiasm in the Kaunas side but I doubt Olympiacos will lose just because of that.

Simon Jatsch: Uff. Difficult. Both teams cannot afford to lose. Olympiacos has been disappointing away from home (2W/3L). I’m going with Oly, but close.

Tane Spasev: Olympiacos had a bad game last week…not gona happen twice. Olympiacos win, by 8.


Alejandro Gonzalez:No hope for Lietuvos in Vitoria. Caja Laboral should win without major troubles.

Arkadios Chasirides: Rytas front line will be so hardly abused by Caja that EL is considering 18+ rate the game.

Christophe Ney: Caja Laboral.

John Hobbs: If Rytas play like they did last week, it’ll be a long night for them. Hosts comfortably.

Luka Bassin: Even Caja Laboral is not in top shape, everything beside home win would be biiiig surprise. No surprise – Caja Laboral will win.

Milan Prodanovic: Upset city! Rytas gets a big dub.

Nick Gibson: Lietuvos Rytas snuck into the Top 16, and already they’re looking they hardly belong. Caja got their hiccups out early. Vitorian victory.

Os Davis: If anyone can make a feasible argument for Lietuvos Rytas in this game, BiE’d love to hear it. Baskonia wins in a walk.

Rafael Uehara: Caja Laboral. Baskonia’s defense is still something to keep an eye on but they are just more talented than Rytas. Game’s in Vitoria too.

Sebastian Komianos: Same regarding Strawberry, Rytas. It’s going to be Caja.

Simon Jatsch: Caja Laboral. After Saras’ departure, I just don’t see Rytas having the quality to get an away win in this group.

Tane Spasev: Zalgiris surprised Caja, not gonna happen with Rytas…. easy win for Caja. Caja by 22.


Alejandro Gonzalez: What a Q! I’m gonna say same thing I’d say if you ask me about my bosonic string theory approximation: no freaking idea, but I like #5

Arkadios Chasirides: More than you would expect…

Christophe Ney: Until the end of the regular season in Lithuania, playoffs will see a new coach.

John Hobbs: Hard to say really. He didn’t make great subs last week, and didn’t look confident. ‘Till the end of the season, maybe?

Luka Bassin: Obviously it’s up to GM’s mood at certain moment. Have no idea…

Milan Prodanovic: A tough question. A successful finish to the EL will certainly help his chances. Even though in European basketball, nothing is certain.

Nick Gibson: I think he’ll make it through the rest of the sea–wait a minute–what’s that? Damn. He just got fired mid-Tweet. He had a good run though..

Os Davis: Until February 25, when the home loss to PE Valencia mathematically eliminates Žalgiris from a Euroleague Top 16 bid. Seriously. Bank it.

Rafael Uehara: Great question. If they fall to Olympiacos at home & start the TOP 16 0-2, I don’t doubt Romanov goes crazy. Does anybody at this point?

Sebastian Komianos: As for how long is Zouros going to be Zalgiris’ coach..nobody but “Mad Vlad” knows.Personally I would like to see him there next season too.

Simon Jatsch: 2 1/2 years.

Tane Spasev: I hope he stays there for a while. Zalgiris needs stable coaching situation. They have a solid team and stability can help them a lot. Two seasons.

The Wisemen Know, Volume 9

5 thoughts on “The Wisemen Know, Volume 9

  1. Q of the week is great this week! I expect something about Mad Vlad next weeks:) Looking for Seibutis article by the way, he’s rocking TBL.

    1. Os from BallinEurope has got the Q for next week already! But the questions about Mad Vlad seem to inspire many of the Wisemen! I promise to post the piece about Seibutis at the weekend at the latest! I need to finish it one day! Sorry…

  2. Interesting takes on the upcoming games, and a bold one at that. Both L. Rytas and Zalgiris do not have a good shot at this, facing Caja Laboral and Olympiacos, respectively, which are both pegged before the start of the top 16 phase to make it through this round for their respective groups. But as they always say, you’d never know what is going to happen in the basketball court. Just like with Olympiacos last week, no one thought they’d get beaten at home, but that is exactly what happened.

  3. What’s better than starting your birthday with the happiness and recalling some of your best moments of your life as one of your favorite players sinked a buzzer beater against a EL contender at away? Well, there are some but this one is quite OK for me.:)

    It’s difficult to explain Besiktas (I hope ona day when we meet I can tell face to face) but for an AEK type club (not only rivals like Oly-Pao in terms of media coverage and other things, even some history but also a bit political view and socio-economic position of the core of the fans. What’s more, they are both Istanbul clubs originally:)) rebelling the dominance of Efes-Ulker was simply great and very exciting for people like me who put hoops above football. Then, Efes and Ulker looked even more unbeatable than today’s Oly&Pao in A1. BJK with a budget of less than 1M USD, first year pushed really hard but couldn’t reach finals. Sometimes, he was taking shots unnecessary but that’s in his nature. He ascended a low level team to a nightmare for thetop two. He was basically scoring in the clutch time but also somehow playing like Saras at PG. Second year, we beat Ulker at the playoffs finally and he was playing like both Jason Kidd&Kobe alike. We started the series 1-0 and at first game’s last seconds while it’s tied, he made a stupid foul to Ilyasova and caused two easy points. Then that shot came. It was a break through for the club and basketball of the country.

    There’s also a game winner by him at NCAA title match against Duke, btw. Also, at finals he played great and basically raped Efes but we lost to referees and Varda’s being put out of roster in the middle of the finals. He got an offer over the club’s whole budget and left then. He’s still the biggest legend of BJK basketball and fans called him Pascal El-Amin, that comes from the footballer Pascal Nouma who is basically the god for the fans. One last thing, after him making a FT, everyone was chanting Amiiiiiin (Amen).

    When he came to Turk Telekom, he was more of a scoring first guy due to his coach Ercument Sunter(imagine the worst coach in your mind, we only understand how he stayed by not being fired for such a long time if he has some sextapes of Telekom board members). I was lucky to watch him live since I was then in Ankara for university. I will never forget his legendary performance against Joventut. DKV only lost one game that season at Eurocup. I was there to watch Rubio who was simply fucking genius that day but Khaled scored his all 33 pts at the second half in an amazing way. I won’t forget how Barton and Lavina looked each other in desperation, of course Ricky getting angry while watching this on the bench at 4th Q due to foul trouble. Simply fucking amazing, even better than Charles Smith killing Maccabi at Scavolini.

    He means a lot of things here near Bosphorus.

    1. Whoa! What a massive awesomeness that we’ve got here… I can guarantee you one thing – my reply won’t be as long. What I saw from Khalid El-Amin yesterday in the game in Vitoria, was as spectacular as anything I’ve seen recently. And by recently, I mean since Šiškauskas’ and Macijauskas’ days at Rytas, which, I have to say, I do not remember in full entirety, as I was away from Lithuania at their peek. What El-Amin showed yesterday is indescribable… As I tweeted, at first it was like “Hey, dude, don’t shoot that!” but as one shot after another went all I had in response was a huge smile on my face after El-Amin knocked down another silly shot. Probably, I finally feel at least a tiny bit of your love for the guy too. I now realize where that’s coming from. Let’s hope the “Plum Butterfly” will flourish even more after such a huge game, both for him and for the team. If Khalid keeps on playing like that, why not dream about the quarterfinals, eh?

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