Mirza Begic making Chuck Norris look like a minority

Not that long ago, not even a month has passed since Mirza Begic decided to play hide and seek with the mighty dictator owner of his club then, Vladimir Romanov. The challenge was greeted as a heroic one and the whole European basketball community on twitter exploded with Begic-related tweets, emphasizing the greatness and heroism of the player’s selflessness. Enough, talking, let’s get to the funny stuff! Enjoy!

@Arkanoid13: In summer of 2009 Begic refused to play for Slovenia NT because he wanted to play for Bosnia NT. That decision set the wheels in motion.

To re-create Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to facilitate Begic to a NT. He will be named life-long captain of the team.

Just talked with Begic agents. He is temporarily giving up basketball to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record. Not to score 100+ points in an NBA game. To sleep with over 20.000 women.

Euroleague store made a new game. It is named “Find Begic”. Mirza Begic is wanted by all basketball teams of the world, WEST OF BOSPHORUS BRIDGE.
Begic and Ataman together? It’s like mixing dynamite with nitroglycerin. Not recommended.

When Mirza Begic left Olimpija, Slovenian population’s average height was reduced by 10cm.

When Mirza Begic plays basketball, he can score 3 pointers from the free throw line, and he does it every time.

Mirza Begic is undergoing intensive training in New Zealand to replace Andy Whitfeld in Spartacus season 2.

The ‘Begic Was There’ series:

Begic is the real Santa Claus. He is still handing out presents all over the world.

Interpol is considering creating a special service for disappeared basketball players. “Ambergic alert”

Begic hacked and created iPhone’s New Year’s alarm bug because he wanted to get some rest.

After Beijing Ducks signed Begic, 32 million Chinese will attend Eurobasket2013. A new 450K capacity arena will be built on Triglav.

4chan closed their website cause they’re too busy looking for Begic’ whereabouts…
Mirza Begic is the real bedroom intruder/rapist. You don’t have to come and confess, we looking for you, we gonna find u http://me.lt/3Trkc

Found footage from Mirza Begic bachelor party… http://me.lt/3THyf Dudes sure know how to party…

Mirza Begic is on hiatus, working on one of humanity’s biggest questions http://me.lt/9r8Cw

Rumours that Mirza Begic will solely invade North Korea http://me.lt/4x2DK North Korea gets ready

Preparations continue in North Korea as there are fears that Begic has already entered their territory http://me.lt/3Trn8

@Ramuniukas: Aleksandr Capin leaves Zalgiris to join Lady Gaga and Mirza Begic on tour. Trio first performance will be in sold-out venue in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Breaking news. VirginGalactic first space trip falling into shambles,when cabin crew find out that passenger Mr Begic has one way ticket only.

Turkish basketball scoops the double prize in Eurobasket 2011. National team win bronze,and their captain Mirzad Begiclu picks MVP award.

Nato confirmed that vessel “Bosna” hijacked by Somali pirates.Vessel’s captain Mirza Begic seen on the deck,playing picknroll with hijackers.

2011 Nobel prize goes to Mirza Begic – inventor of the ashtray that fits on any motorbike.

2 unknown Serbians were left in shock after eBay have taken their item “Mirza Begic” off due to incorrect description.

According to The Sun, Julian Assange and Mirza Begic not seen since return to Sweden. Begic’s agents payments were postponed by Paypal.

Top Twitter Trends 2011 (worldwide): 1.Australian floods 2. Begic 3. Justin Bieber 4. Euroleague lockout 5. Hurricane Mirza

Q:Why do Zalgiris’ coaches let Begic play basketball? A: He had already broken the bench.

In Arkansas, 4000 birds that began falling from the sky New Year’s Eve are believed to have been spooked by the size of Begic’s next contract.

According to PolarHoops.com Begic just signed for North Magnetic “Poles”. Coach said that Mirza was the last addition to the roster.

According to the source David Copperfield wants Mirza for his next illusion “Vanishing the statue of Begic”.

@Uhg80: Tomorrow, Mirza Begic will put his signature under a 2+2 contract to become Mr Donatas Zavackas’ assistant.

Begic dunked over Dwight Howard 4 times in a pickup game, but Howard stole the tape and denies.

-*-*-*-BREAKING NEWS-*-*-*-BREAKING NEWS-*-*-*- Mirza Begic buys Facebook, sells it to Google

-*-*-*-BREAKING NEWS-*-*-*-BREAKING NEWS-*-*-*- NASA mission is looking for water on mars, finds Mirza Begic

Mirza Begic mocking Sonny Liston http://twitpic.com/3nddj8

2004 Toho announced: No new Godzilla movie for 10+ years. Also in 2004 Mirza Begic signed his first contract outside Slovenia. Coincidence?

KIA, Sprite, ESPN and Nike threatening to nullify contracs with NBA unless Mirza Begic signs for the Heat or Lakers.

Yeah, that’s right. Begic is putting his career at risk by saving us from evil brain-eating space bugs. Be thankful, fuckers!

Decision on the Begic situation postponed as Mirza is currently fighting an alien invasion in Andromeda.

@Emils_Ozers: Mirza Begic has go to Latvia to become professional in Latvian national sports – ice fishing! http://ej.uz/oudn

Some of Mirza Begic jokes is making Chuck Norris look like minority.

@Juliosmar: Mirza Begic revealed as the person behind Pedobear.

@inthegamebasket: Finally: Begic sighting in Sweden http://bit.ly/g6Olsr

@SamoSmijemSe: Begic will have a 2h special on ESPN where he will announce where he will take his talents! It will be the most viewed show since LOST!

Mirza Begic will be so popular in China that he will be voted in the NBA All-Star game even though he will not play for any NBA team

Mirza Begic signed a 2 year contract with a Belgian office supplier, he will work as a telemarketer selling

@sashikas: Beckham’s agreement with Tottenham will not be the biggest signing of winter transfer window. Beck’s only 183 cm tall. Begic is 221

@vaidast: Mirza Begic is wanted for kidnapping himself.

@SportandoBasket: Mirza Begic is able to ride the bike without bending the legs.

@milanproda: Begic is going back to his old job, being the Stig on Top Gear.

Most European stocks fell amid renewed concern that the region’s debt crisis may worsen and lack on concrete on the Mirza #Begic situation.

@alvertis4: Sabonis says “I owe to Begic. He did everything to teach me his skills.”

@LithuaniaBasket: Mirza Begic finally admits that Peter Crouch is really his 6-year-old son.

Despite being muslim, Mirza Begic’s favorite meal is pork chops.

Mirza Begic invented diplomacy.

Mirza Begic making Chuck Norris look like a minority

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  1. Begic’s transfer to Real Madrid from Zalgiris was indeed much talked about. But it had been a step in the right direction for his individual playing career, especially if the team owner of Zalgiris continues to meddle with the team’s substitution patterns, along with other aspects of the game..

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