The Euroleague Factbook


  • Kalnietis can write 280 words in one twitter post.
  • Kalnietis had two babies today. His and Kaka’s.
  • Mantas Kalnietis can lift up Watson with 1 finger. All 110 kilos of him.
  • Mantas Kalnietis doesn’t have dreams, he has achieved everything he could possibly have. He also literally doesn’t dream.
  • Mantas Kalnietis gives the lead to Zalgiris with a fast break dunk.
  • Mantas Kalnietis has 10 Mantas Kalnietises in his Euroleague Fantasy team.
  • Mantas Kalnietis can accelerate faster than CERN collider.
  • Kalnietis will hire Zeljko Obradovic as his assistant when he becomes a coach.
  • Mantas Kalnietis can block Boban Marjanovic without even jumping.
  • Kalnietis can fill a whole TV screen with his forehead. [by SJ / @inthegamebasket]
  • Kalnietis can tie his shoes with his feet.


  • Giedrius Gustas is the real Yellow Power Ranger.
  • Giedrius Gustas makes old people take off their red underwear.
  • Giedrius Gustas is a real badass.


  • Martynas Pocius’ dog only eats cat food.
  • Martynas Pocius puts all his eggs in one basket.


  • Omar Cook can cook minute rice in 30 seconds.
  • Omar Cook is the single real MonteNEGRIN.
  • Omar Cook can fill a full 42″ HD TV screen with his forehead.


  • UN Aid air-drops food every day to Big Sofo house.
  • When Big Sofo goes to a fast food place, his order is ready before he walks in.


  • An autograph from Mike Batiste is a stomp to the head. Ozbolt was the latest lucky one to get it.


  • Gregory is such a good scorer that he can’t miss a free throw even if he wants to.

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